Our Story

About OnePOS

OnePOS aims to provide innovative retail solutions using smart devices and smart technology, backed by Serial Entrepreneurs with a proven track record of successful ventures. It’s a lean start-up fully funded to meet its objectives with a tangible and clearer revenue model.

We believe that using the latest smart technologies and smart devices like IOT, Beacon, and Analytics we could disrupt the current retail ecosystem and take the customer experience at stores to next level. Our technologies will make the process simpler and reduce the cost of running stores and increasing their bottom-line.

OnePOS provides secure, reliable, and cost effective retail business solutions to small and medium retailers. Easy to setup, manage and make strategies through the insights provided by our solutions.

OnePOS reduces the cost of running a retail outlet and offers countless time and money saving features that will allow stores to focus on what’s important: engaging customers and providing personal experience for shopping!

We offer solutions to Restaurants, Bars, Bakers, Deli's, Quick Serve Restaurants, Mini Markets, Liquor Stores, Clothing Stores, Boutiques, Saloons or Beauty Supply Stores, Etc.

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